5 Eco-friendly Hotels in Hong Kong

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Holidays may have taken a back-seat due to travel restrictions but with many countries well under-way their vaccination programs, before soon we will experience queues at airports, full capacity hotel rooms and people calling another city a new home for a short period of time.

Hong Kong is no exception but when we do welcome tourists back, we hope that more hotels will take inspiration from their counterparts in putting sustainability at the forefront. Here is a list of the top hotels in Hong Kong that will turn others and the earth Green with their practices!

1. ICON Hotel: A forerunner in eco-travel efforts in Hong Kong, Hotel ICON is open to experimenting and adopting latest innovation and technologies in the area of hospitality. Be ready to make your ‘vacations both luxurious and eco-friendly’. Accommodations feature replacement of disposable water bottles with filtration drinking water system, in-room plastic amenities with in-shower dispensers, eco-friendly bathroom amenities and laundry bags. Asia’s largest indoor vertical garden installation in the lobby and100% electric transportation take the initiatives beyond the rooms. Plant-based food options, installation of ORCA food composter to convert food waste into water, paperless check-in and energy saving electrical devices and electric transport are additional GREEN initiatives of the hotel.

2. Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong: For the discerning traveller, Mandarin Oriental promises luxury, comfort and style. That promise now goes beyond with the hotel’s ‘Naturally Better’ initiative for the planet, communities and guests. Measures include eliminating single-use plastic bottles through installation of in-house NORDAQ water filtration system, replacement of biodegradable cling film, reusable containers in kitchen and VegWare compostable take-away boxes. Additionally it supports Hong Kong’s under-priviledged local communities by participating in soap recycling program that provides hygiene products as well as supports a social enterprise that creates jobs for refugees in Jordan by offering handcrafted tote bags at the spa.

3. Goldcoast Hotel: Focussing the green initiatives towards families and the future generation, a one-of-its kind Green Upcycled Room that features handmade upcycled decor and furniture from local companies is what welcomes you at Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel. To reduce waste, guests are encouraged to bring their own towels and amenities. In addition activities like the Tree Hunt Game and a visit to the in-house organic farm ‘Gold Coast Farm’ keep younger guests and families spending quality time together, exploring and learning about the bio-diversity and seasonal produce and natural farming practices.

Other measures include reduction of water consumption, single-use plastic and food waste through installation of smart devices such as umbrella dryers, water dispensers and solar panels. Participation of the hotel in projects such as No Straw Campaign and Green Ambassadors, Butterflies and Herbs Farm make this a well-rounded trip. You could alternatively get a half-day pass for the Green Journey Experience Program to experience the above initiatives without having to stay the night.

4. CORDIS Hotel: With many prestigious environmental best practices awards, Cordis is the choice for corporates and companies looking to make their conferences and meetings less burdensome on the environment. “Green Meetings by Cordis” program offers sustainable meeting solutions encompassing environmental venue features, sustainable food and beverage offering and carbon neutral meetings. Here are some things to expect: energy efficient LED wall, reusable dining ware, cutlery and linen, FSC certified paper and drinking straws made from compostable materials, access to digital newspapers and magazines. Replacement of bottled water with filtered drinking or flavored water, locally sourced healthy and vegetarian dishes and loose, organic fair-trade teas and to complete it, a Carbon Neutral Certificate in the company’s name. Partnerships with Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Water for Free, FoodAngel and FoodLink, Food Made Good and Green Monday include donations, support and collaborations that highlight their efforts. Accommodations feature Energy efficient lighting and heating/cooling system, low flush and tap/shower fittings, recycled stationery, fairtrade room amenities and mini-bar items and a recycling program.

5. Eaton Hotel: Boutique Eaton Hotel is celebrating 10 years of commitment to environmental and sustainable efforts and received the highest recognised Platinum award from Earth Check. It incorporates sustainable practices into its day-to-day running by completely eliminating single-use plastic bottles and straws, installing recycling bins in rooms and around the hotel, placing non-disposable organic toiletries, paperless check-in, energy efficient light fixtures and all-natural material mattress replacing foam ones. In the F&B area, Eaton Hotel prioritizes and offers sustainably sourced food and plant-based options and introduction of compostable take-away boxes while donating surplus to Food Angel and FoodLink. Don’t forget to look out for the water dispensers in common areas to refill your empty bottle while enjoying the hotel’s artistic vibe that brings together the artistic and marginalized communities.

Would you like to know more about getting your hotel started on sustainable efforts. Contact green.hospitality for more information.

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