PUREALL products are produced with natural sources, mainly bamboo. They have to be taken care of in order to maintain the longevity of its usage. Here you will find out the ways in which you could care for your PUREALL products and make them last.

Product Maintenance

Bamboo Straws

Cleaning methods

  • For Daily use: Rinse the bamboo straw with running water after use. Washing liquid can be applied. Use the provided cleaning brush to clean the residue inside the straw.

  • For Deep Cleaning (once a month): Heat and boil a pot of vinegar water (3 spoons of vinegar and 1L of water). Let the straws soak for a few minutes for a thorough clean.

  • Dishwasher: The bamboo straw is dishwasher safe. Cleaning it in the dishwasher will not damage or ruin its sleek finish.  

  • Drying is key - avoid molding and growth of bacteria.

  • The commercial lifespan of bamboo straws is 9 months, but will last up to a year with appropriate care.


Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo is a natural and porous material. If left in a used cup over an extended amount of time, it will absorb the moisture and turn mouldy.

  • Dry the handle with a towel after every use and keep it standing in a ventilated holder. 

  • Avoid leaving it in a cup where water can accumulate.

  • Store in a dry place.

For better results

Bamboo Bowl & Servers

  • Dry food and salad only 

  • Do not soak in water

  • Wipe clean only with damp cloth

  • Dry thoroughly immediately after use

  • Not suitable for dishwasher and microwave oven


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