Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough are synonymous with their efforts in research, awareness, and initiatives to address climate change, but there are many in our community, around us, who are making a difference. 

It is our endeavor to bring to you people that inspire us and hopefully inspire you to be able to take the next step to help our planet!

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Suzanne Younan

Suzanne Younan is an author of the children’s picture book series ‘Willy, the Green Dragon’. She has been living in Hong Kong since 2015 and shares a passion for keeping the environment liveable and beautiful for our kids and raising awareness among them through her books.


Sandra Ho

Sandra, founder of eco-concept store Garden Artemis has a very personable, unique character, just like her store. A calm oasis, this cozy bulk store oozes the feeling of warmth and comfort. They have already garnered their followers in Discovery Bay and say they have a long way to go, to make a difference.

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Jenny Quinton

From teaching in the classroom to teaching in nature - Jenny Quinton is a true minimalist with a bohemian edge. Her eco-education centre Ark Eden nestled in the valley of Lantau, hosts the likes of children as well as corporates to give them a true feeling of being immersed in nature and falling in love with all its wonders.


Reaha & Dhaanya

Climate action is a daunting challenge that we all face today due to our consumption habits. Climate activists Dhaanya (9) and Reaha(8), two sisters from Hong Kong that have taken upon themselves to take action and raise awareness — we knew there was hope.

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